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Ask the Expert – Glycogen Storage Disease 1b Empaglifozin (jardiance)

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We are super excited to announce a project that has been over a year in the making— the first of our Ask The Expert: GSD1b Webinar Series! This quarterly series came about as a way to create equitable access to information for patients, caregivers and providers, regardless of where they live. By hosting webinars with experts in the field of GSD1b we can help provide knowledge on this disease for all patients. Webinars will be held live with presentation and pre-screened questions from the community, recorded for those who cannot attend and placed on the @sophieshopefoundation Youtube page for future viewing. Simultaneous interpretation services may be available upon request, in advance.

Important details:
1. Questions will be taken in advance of the webinar. The deadline for question submission for this webinar is August 4. This gives presenters time to address as many questions as possible in their presentation and via the moderators in the Q&A.
2. Registration is required in advance and all are welcome.
3. Email questions, register or inquire about interpretation by emailing:

First Webinar:
Dr. Terry Derks on Empagliflozin Treatment in GSD1b
Tuesday, September 10, 2024
1700 (5pm) Central European Time
1300 (1pm) Eastern US Time
1200 (noon) Pacific US Time

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